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Christmas seems to be creeping up on me.

It’s Moo’s birthday not long before, and now that’s over, it feels like it’s somehow immediately Christmas. Whereas, actually, there’s well over a week to go… *gulp*.

I am now on a mission.

We went to see Santa Claus at Chill Factore.  And Meg asked for a racing car.

I’m pretty sure she heard Heather‘s daughter asking for one. I have no idea where she would have come up with the idea from otherwise…

We were waiting to go into Santa’s Grotto. The kids were all chattering about what they wanted. Moo was toying with the idea of a rocket ship. Except, as I reminded her, she had one of those last year.

She’s a creature of habit my girl.

I made the fatal mistake of suggesting that she ask for something else.

The queue to see Santa wasn’t short. She had plenty of time to mull this over. To take inspiration from the children around her.

chill factore

The anticipation was palpable. We stepped through into a winter wonderland of real snow, and (thankfully) not quite so real Christmassy creatures, having been enthusiastically informed, by the Scottish elf that outlined the experience to us, of the secret signal to Santa’s elves (3 knocks on the door). As ever, despite being keen to see Santa, Moo did not want to go near the man in red, but did ask for her racing car.

The racing car that Santa is having trouble sourcing…


The Santa experience at Chill Factore was lovely. Moo had a great time playing in the toddlers section just outside Santa’s grotto – whizzing down the little slope in the rubber rings. Next time, we’ll definitely try the sledging – Moo was just a bit too nervous (and technically a couple of weeks too young) to throw herself into that, but she loved the mini sledging and I think would love to have a go soon!

We really enjoyed our visit to Chill Factore. I’d recommend it as a trip to get into the Christmas spirit – I heard today that there’s statistically more chance of a white Good Friday than Christmas Day, so it might be your only chance to see snow!! A great day out for the littl’uns and the big ones – plenty of activities all round.


Thanks to Chill Factore for hosting us and letting us see Santa (and Peppa Pig!). If you’re near Manchester, Chill Factore is a great way to kickstart the Christmas holiday – or to cling on to it after the big day itself!